Wiki Maps - Real Time Travel Guides Share your favourite travel tips, attractions, restaurants, places to stay, events and more. This is your personal guidebook written by thousands of passionate and qualified authors worldwide - WhereWhatGo community members.

Find friends using the world map. At WhereWhatGo we believe that travel guides should be written in real time by real travellers. The best online travel advice comes from tourist information websites that are created by communities intent on providing a world travel guide that is up to date and relevant.

The best tourist information guide is written by someone who is there or who has been there.

Here at WhereWhatGo we concentrated on developing a facility to create the very best world travel guide possible and have some fun at the same time.

Our members are encouraged to add all their favourite travel advice and experiences on our site that will lead the next visitor to experience the very best that a location has to offer. They can do this in a number of ways from adding a marker to our maps, adding photos, videos and sounds, by writing a review of a place or by simply leaving a few comments. They can also state whether they are going to a place, whether they have been to or are actually at a place. Other members can then contact them for further advice.

The more you travel and the more travel advice information you leave behind you for others the richer our members' travel experiences will be.

All our pages have comments boxes which will help to ensure the integrity of all the information that is posted on our site.

Share your experiences so that the whole world can travel well and borders and boundaries can be removed and we can all enjoy our planet as the world citizens that we are.

Presently we are remaking this site. Thanks for your patience.

WhereWhatGo Team.

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